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In today’s global market, having a multijurisdictional approach to compliance is essential. When the government arrives at your door, you need a law firm that can work to quickly coordinate cross-border internal investigations to determine the scope of the problem and mobilize to protect you. With offices in key locations in the US and China, Dodge Zhong Partners lawyers are already on the ground, ready to tackle high-stakes investigations from all legal angles.

We not only act as your advocate during investigations, but serve as your guide in establishing corporate compliance programs that address your greatest compliance risks and mitigate problems before the government shows up. We start by providing you with a big picture view of your compliance obligations, from data privacy and supplier agreements to internal controls and labor relations. Using our inside knowledge of which compliance violations the government tends to enforce, we help you prioritize areas of vulnerability and drill down on those issues first — using your resources most effectively to minimize risk.