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In today’s global marketplace, disputes are growing in number and complexity. Businesses are facing intense competition and must manage the risks and challenges in doing business locally and internationally. Higher accountability standards and tighter regulatory scrutiny increase exposure and vulnerability. We are uniquely positioned to help you navigate these complexities with confidence, while achieving your strategic and commercial objectives.

At Dodge Zhong Partners, you have access to the most recommended Dispute Resolution practices in the world. We assemble efficient teams to minimize the cost and time it takes to resolve your disputes. For example, as more and more Chinese contracts have stipulated that arbitration be held in the PRC, most disputes are being settled under Chinese arbitration rules; however, if planned for properly, the entire arbitration proceeding can be settled in English and in accordance with neutral international standards.

Our lawyers partner with you to identify and implement the most appropriate business solutions, either by pursuing or defending litigation, arbitration or other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, like mediation. We also work closely with other practice areas to develop compliance programs and perform risk assessments to help reduce your overall litigation exposure before you execute contractual commitments. Our experience in complex, high-stakes, multijurisdictional disputes and deep local roots in the US and China mean we can deal effectively with the substantive issues and subtle nuances of managing your disputes wherever they arise.