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Whether it be Chinese utility or design patents, trademarks, copyrights or enforcement (cease and desist actions, litigation, negotiations for royalty payment rights, etc.) of your existing intellectual property rights on the ground in China, we have a top notch team of professionals to assist you in protecting your ideas and innovations in China. And if you the client is planning on manufacturing in China, then arguably protecting your intellectual property rights in China is as or even more important than securing those intellectual property rights in your home jurisdiction.

Our areas of focus are:

  • Anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy
  • Copyright
  • Patent protection and enforcement
  • Trademark
  • Transactional IP

We strongly urge our clients to invest in securing their intellectual property rights in China before setting up a relationship with a manufacturer or supplier. We have had many clients come to us after securing their intellectual property in their home country. Unfortunately, they set up with a supplier in China and find that almost the following week there are several other Chinese factories producing their patented product in violation of their home country’s patent. Although the client may have patent rights in their home country protecting them from such infringement, they have not secured their intellectual property rights in China and thus threats to cease and desist are toothless. As most savvy patent holders are aware, once the idea is out in the public domain, it is much more difficult and costly to seek remedies against those who seek to steal intellectual property from the rightful owner.

Contact us so that we may secure important legal rights for you in China before jumping in. China is a member of WIPO, the Paris and Geneva Agreements and intellectual property rights in China today are much stronger than they were 20 years ago. We also work in conjunction with intellectual property attorneys here in the U.S. that speak Chinese to provide our clients with further protection and cooperation.