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Merger and Acquisition legal counsel should know a client’s industry well and have training in procedures for conducting an economic analysis of a business, be familiar with working cooperatively with outside consultants who understand the client’s industry, and know how to work well with valuators and consultants in the client’s area to come up to speed on these topics. It’s also important to avoid bias and to be objective so that legal counsel can serve as a counterbalances to the interests of parties who simply seek to have the deal go through, regardless of whether there is real benefit in the end to the client.

The client must be properly advised and weigh its desire to merge or acquire with the ease of an asset purchase. Asset purchases are commonly used to protect the buyer from unforeseen liabilities and should be weighed as an option to diversify the client’s capacities along with a merger or acquisition.

We are also able to draw on the experience in other practice areas — such as Tax, Employment, Intellectual Property, Finance, Real Estate, Antitrust & Competition and Dispute Resolution — to provide a truly integrated support for all types of cross-border and domestic M&A transactions in the US and China.