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Defining and protecting your innovation and creativity is increasingly difficult and complex. Internet marketing and sophisticated counterfeiting operations are expanding risks and opportunities for IP holders, and inefficiencies in the international patent system are leading many to clamor for change. While it is true that China is a member of the WIPO, Paris and Geneva Agreements – that does not necessarily insulate IP in this environment. And as the commercial market life of your core property is generally much shorter than the exclusivity a patent provides, prudence and proper planning go a long way towards avoiding most of the pitfalls. For once the ‘cat is out of the bag’ here, so to speak, it can be extremely difficult and cost intensive to create a remedy.

At Dodge Zhong Partners, we understand new challenges in IP protection and can provide unique and global solutions. We see IP management as a strategic issue and have developed people, processes and technologies to promote sound and cost-effective stewardship of intellectual property.

We have a leading Intellectual Property team with a co-operative network all over China that works closely within, which enables us to act simultaneous in each major city locally all over China to protect your intellectual property rights in China. This practice and network is even more important when it comes to infringement issues, especially in the phase of evidence gathering—for example, we have extensive experience in secret simultaneous investigation in major cities in China and then bringing public notary office in fixing the evidence almost simultaneous in each major city. We provide the service of investigating manufacturers, trading companies, wholesalers and retailers regarding illegal activities by collecting quotations, photos, invoices, samples, production and marketing information. We also provide the service of company and shareholder background investigations and due diligence, credibility assessments, market entry evaluations, employee screening, previous work experience and educational degrees and vendor, distributor and supplier oversight.

How we can help:

  • Anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy
  • Copyright
  • Patent protection and enforcement
  • Trademark
  • Transactional IP