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Mr. Hong Choo, Esq. works as a practicing Chinese Attorney and International Legal Consultant for Dodge Zhong Partners.

Mr. Choo initially majored in Public Health at Wuhan Medical School and received his Physician related license to practice medicine.

Subsequent to that accomplishment, Mr. Choo decided to pursue his legal career. He graduated with a law degree from Wuhan University. Mr. Choo pursued further legal studies at Beijing University and passed the National Judicial Examination and receiving an “A type” law professional certificate.

After passing the Bar, Mr. Choo worked as the manager of the Legal Department for a large Chinese holding company in Shenzhen. His practice there involved patent cases, foreign legal affairs, economic and labor disputes, legal risk management, and other diverse areas of the law implicit in a corporate in-house practice. Mr. Choo then worked as practicing lawyer at the Shenzhen Office of Dacheng Law Firm. His work included real estate litigation, medical malpractice litigation, private equity work, criminal defense and patent and trademark litigation. Most recently, Mr. Choo has been a practicing lawyer with a 300+ lawyer Beijing-based law firm in their Shenzhen office. He has successfully handled hundreds of Court and Arbitration cases, and is well-versed in the complex procedures of commercial litigation and arbitration cases.

Mr. Choo has solid language skills in Chinese and English, and in his free time pursues his interests in music and sports. He currently works and resides in Shenzhen, China.