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Overseaschinesenet (OSCN) — International Financing and Accounting Advisors to Dodge Zhong Partners (DZP)

Mr. William P. Cheng is based in San Diego, California and is a Senior Global Advisor for Dodge Zhong Partners, L.L.C (DZP). His family is third generation Chinese-American; thus, Mr. Cheng is personally and professionally familiar with the ways of doing business both in China and in the U.S. Mr. Cheng graduated with specialization in accounting from Ohio State University. He is currently the Chairman and CEO of Overseaschinesenet (OSCN) and Cheng Family Holding Company. Before embarking with his partners and investors in the area of international financing and accounting consulting, Mr. Cheng was a senior accountant with one of the big eight accounting firms in the U.S. His area of expertise is in import/export development, venture capital, private equity, initial public offerings and clean energy. On his free time, Mr. Cheng enjoys international travel and especially travel to China.